USI, is a confederal organisation comprised of its member students’ unions on the island of Ireland. It is not a company nor is it a charity. It is governed by its Constitution.

Policy is made by students themselves, who are sent as delegates of their Students’ Unions, at USI Congress.  Congress is the supreme authority of the organisation.

LUSI is a a Type C organisation and is committed to obtaining the full status of the Governance Code. USI are registered as being on the journey on

Officers (Members of the Executive Team)



  • Julian de Spainn
  • Ciara Reilly
  • Siobhán Fearon

Finance Committee External Members

  • Christopher Newell (Chair)
  • Gary Redmond
  • Richard Hammond

USI is a financially transparent organisation.

  • Annual accounts for the preceding year are presented to the Annual Congress
  • Quarterly financial updates are given to the National Council each thirteen weeks
  • A Finance Committee, elected by the National Council of the organisation, oversees the financial management of the organisation
    • An independent chairperson plus up to three external members sit on the committee
    • Two representatives of National Council are elected each year
    • The President of USI sits on the committee
    • The committee reports to Congress

USI’s Financial Year runs from 1 July to 31 June each year. (The academic year). USI Congress is traditionally held before Easter each year.


Accounts 2017-2018 are the most recent set of accounts. These were approved by USI Congress.  They are available in full below.

Annual Report & Financial Statements Jun-18


The National Council is the Executive body of USI.

It comprises the Presidents of each of the Students’ Unions in membership (The Member Organisations).  Other officers attend to offer their expertise and debate issues at the national council.

Since July 2014, any member of USI may attend National Council as an observer. Contact your SU to arrange to attend.


Policy is discussed and approved by USI Congress.

The most recent Congress was in Castlebar, Co. Mayo and the most recent policy file is given below.


Regulatory Information

The Union of Students in Ireland is an unincorporated entity and is neither registered as a company nor as a charity. It is a confederal organisation, created by and funded by Students’ Unions jointly through its National Council, which serves as the National Executive body of the organisation.

The Union’s structures include one incorporated entity: USIMS Ltd, a limited company which submits returns in accordance with the laws for regulation of limited companies.

The ‘About USI‘ page contains regulatory information – this regulatory information is provided voluntarily, since an unincorporated association of our sort is not required by law to publish any of these details.  We do so voluntarily, and have since 2013.